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ABS Self-Levelling Cementitious Flooring System

ABS Cement-Based Self-Levelling Flooring System

Cement-based self-levelling flooring system that provides a super-smooth finish that is unmatchable by human hands. It is extremely durable, time-saving, and economical as compared to conventional cement-sand screeds.

Popular for homes, offices & retail businesses for its raw, "minimalist" appearance. Also recommended for dry warehouses and covered carparks. The finished surface may also be lightly polished. Available in a natural or pigmented matte finish.

ABS is the first company to import European Self-levelling Flooring Systems to Hong Kong back in 1988. After 35 years of relentless research and development, ABS can provide unique tailor-made designs to suit the client's tastes.

TECO-FIL WWS Acrylic-Polymer Resin Road Dressing System

TECO-FIL WWS Acrylic-Polymer Road Dressing System

A super-fast setting road dressing system designed specifically for Highway Structural Concrete Carriageway Resurfacing Works. Its high waterproofing properties in terms of adhesion, elongation, shear / tensile strength, abrasion resistance, etc., make it an absolutely unique product that caters for the constant swaying & vibration movements created by heavy traffic on the Bridge-Deck and ordinary pavement as well.

Its functionality of protecting the concrete surface from weather, and hence prolonging the lifespan of highway structures, has made TECO-FIL WWS the system of choice by many countries worldwide.

Anti-Bacterial Growth Polyurethane (PU) Kitchen Flooring System

Anti-Bacterial Growth Polyurethane (PU) Kitchen Flooring System

A 2-layer PU Anti-Bacterial Flooring System with applications ranging from 4mm - 9mm. Special features including anti-bacterial growth, high chemical resistance, high wear resistance, wide temperature-range -40°C up to +130°C etc. Available in a medium & high slip-resistance finish and in a range of colours.

Recommended for food factories, food processing plants, freezers, coldrooms, dining areas, warehouses.

Epoxy/PU Resilient Self-Levelling Resin Flooring System

Epoxy / PU Resilient Self-Levelling Flooring System

Our Epoxy & PU Resilient self-levelling flooring systems are suited for both domestic and industrial usage that provides a super-smooth & durable finish. Easy to clean with high chemical and wear resistance. Available in a wide range of colours. The special 4-layer Resilient PU Comfort-Flooring System is an excellent choice for classrooms, labs, homes, etc.

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Flooring System

A rapid-curing 5-layer Broadcast MMA Flooring System that is suitable for indoor use and ready for full usage within 30 minutes after application. A highly durable flooring system that can be applied at a temperature range of -28°C to 50°C.

An excellent choice of flooring application for industrial kitchens, food processing plants, freezers, coldrooms & warehouses (wet and dry), emergency repairs & indoor carparks, etc.

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