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Established in 1988, ABS Building Systems (Far East) Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company that pioneered the usage of Cement-Based Self-Levelling Seamless Industrial Flooring Technology from Europe.

We have since expanded to resinous self-levelling products that include :

  • PU Anti-Bacterial Growth Kitchen/Food-Production Flooring,
  • Ultra Fast-Setting Teco-Fil WWS Acrylic-Polymer Road Dressing for multipurpose applications such as repair/resurfacing for Highway bridges with waterproofing effect,
  • Epoxy Flooring,
  • Resilient PU Flooring,
  • Ultra Fast-Setting MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) Flooring for multipurpose indoor applications.

[All of the aforementioned products also provide very high waterproofing properties]

With over 35 years of experience, ABS offers unique expertise & tailored solutions that aim to provide clients with the highest quality flooring systems whilst also remaining economically and environmentally friendly. Subject to each individual condition, some of our flooring systems can be applied on existing tiles, concrete, screeds, floorboards etc. which can save the clients' time & money.

ABS currently offers flooring systems that cover:

  • Food Production - hotel kitchens, food production facilities, freezers/fridges, etc.
  • Commercial - retail, restaurants, offices, galleries, TV studios, etc.
  • Residential – for its minimalistic, industrial look.
  • Industrial – factories, heavy-loading areas, high-racking warehouses, high-security areas, etc.
  • Roads & Carparks – Carriageway / carpark resurfacing for heavy vehicles with minimal disturbance.

With a track-record of well over 2 million sqm, ABS has gained hands-on experience with applications in all categories of seamless flooring for a wide range of clients.

Major clients have included:

  • Hong Kong Jockey Club
  • HK Highways Department
  • Dairy Farm Group
  • Major Hotels
  • Hongkong Land

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