ABS Building Systems (Far East) Limited — since 1988

HK's leading Seamless Self-Levelling Flooring Specialist Applicators providing:
  • Anti-Bacterial Growth PU Kitchen Flooring
  • TECO-FIL WWS Acrylic-Polymer Road Dressing System
  • Cement-Based Self-Levelling Flooring
  • Epoxy / PU Resilient Flooring
  • MMA Kitchen & Industrial Flooring

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Seamless Flooring

Seamless Flooring

Jointless, Flat & Smooth, Heavy-Industrial & Decorative Flooring application for:

  • Food-production, kitchens, freezers (anti-bacterial growth flooring systems)
  • Residential, offices, washrooms
  • Warehouse, carparks, studios, galleries etc.
  • 5-year minimum conditional warranty.

Subject to each individual condition, some of our flooring systems can be applied on existing tiles, concrete, screeds, floorboards, etc., which can save an enormous amount of time and costs.

Waterproofing & Water-Leakage Repairs

Waterproofing & Water-Leakage Repairs

We have developed a unique & most economical way to fix your bathroom, kitchen, roof, etc., leakage problems with minimal disturbance.


Subject to each individual condition, it can be done within as little as 8 hours, including the installation of a brand-new flooring surface for you at the same time.

AquaZn Nano Zinc Disinfectant System

AquaZn Nano Zinc Disinfectant System

AquaZn is a Disinfectant System extracted from natural seaweed in the South Pacific. It kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria in seconds and can remain effective, dependent upon your cleaning routine, over 3 months.


AquaZn is the only Disinfectant System available in the market that can actually improve your skin-condition, unlike other alcohol or chlorine-based products that may irritate your skin.


AquaZn is available for both personal-use & disinfection services to homes, restaurants, schools, offices, freezers/fridges, clinics, etc. and personal disinfectant products as well.

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